In 1989, Mr. Yuen wing-kwan responded to the call of the state to set up a school-run enterprise. After nearly 10 years of hard work, in October 1998, he officially established Yangzhou wing Kai Hat Industry Co. , Ltd. .


The establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, independent orders, with self-import and export rights


Established Yangzhou Yijia Import & Export Co. , Ltd. in Greenland business center, mainly engaged in the export of clothing, toys, shoes and other products


In Jinrong Science and Technology Park of Yangzhou high-tech Zone, founded Yangzhou Borrell Clothing Co. , Ltd. , mainly engaged in scarves, gloves, knitted caps and clothing and aprons processing and production.


The promotion of the National Belt and Road policy, 2023.9.12 in the Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture free trade experimental zone of Yunnan province registered to set up Ruili Jia Wei Clothing Co. , Ltd.


Today, Yangzhou Rongjia Hat Industry Co. , Ltd. has three branches, 15 production workshops, more than 5000 employees, more than 10 production lines, annual output value of more than 80 million play, products cover more than 30 countries.